About The Club Starter

Who are we

We are a husband and wife team from Artumi Systems, Sheffield, who have decided to use our skills to try and help some people find each other and live more full lives. We've been coders for a long time now, and we want to build something that does some good.


There is none at present, Please Donate to enable our vision to come to life. We're probably going to need to do a marketing push, so the more the better.

In the medium term we hope that the site will be self-funding from offering services to the clubs themselves.


Well, taking each of the things that make the site special:

  • Why Offline clubs?: because only face to face communication makes the friendships that survive, besides online activities are well served.
  • Why limited founding dates: We will make clubs all either become founded or fail on a few days of the year. This way all the buzz happens at once, helping keep marketing costs low, and allowing for network effects to come into play.
  • Why not Facebook Groups: People joining a Facebook group have no expectation they will have to actually meet the other club members. Here, there is that expectation
  • Why at all? We need so many more clubs. We could solve so many problems if we just got like minded people together more.